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5 Shoe Styles We’ve Been Dying to Wear

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

Lets be honest, if you’re a shoe girl like me then it’s been hard resisting the temptation to buy all the new season shoes that are about. But now with a glimmer of hope that life can gradually resume some sort of normality later in the summer, we’re thinking it might soon be time to treat ourselves to a new pair of shoes. To make your choice even harder and to remind ourselves of what shoes are in fashion now, we’ve rounded up the 5 styles we’ve been dying to wear since lockdown started. Which will you choose?

1. Pop of Colour

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that the day life starts to resume we will all be wearing pops of colour to make up for the lack of colour we’ve all been wearing in our loungewear at home. And our shoes are certainly going to be no different. From bright pink and oranges to sweet pastel hues, colourful heels are in this season - and we can’t wait to dip our toes into them!

2. Delicate Lace Up's

90s-inspired lace-up heels were set to be the trend of the summer and the trend we were all itching to wear. And lets be honest, we’re all gutted we’ve not been able to wear them yet right? Well, if there’s anything good to come of it, it’s that a pair of lace-up heels will be worth the investment this year as to get our money’s worth, we’ll still be strutting our stuff in these babies next summer too.

3. Embellished Heels

We’re all gutted that cancelled plans = cancelled outfits and nowhere to wear a pair of glitzy embellished heels. Well worry not as come lockdown end we'll all be making up for lost time and tottering around in embellished heels everywhere we go to make up for those hen dos, weddings and race days we missed. Plus, all our plans have to be rescheduled at some point right? So that pair of glitzy embellished heels you’ve been dying to wear will certainly not go to waste.

4. Summer Wedges

Now, we might not be able to get abroad anytime soon to wear our summer wedges and Casa Del England is as far as we’re going for the time being, but with picnics and trips to the beach with your household approved for now, it’s finally an excuse to purchase the new summer wedges we’ve all been dying to wear all year.

5. Animal Print

Tiger King well and truly took over our lockdown lives and we can’t wait to unleash our inner Joe Exotic once we’re released back into the big wide world. And our first steps in doing that will definitely be in a pair of animal print block heels like these.

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