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8 Bag Styles That Will Be All Over Your Instagram Account This Year

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

If there’s one thing for sure, a girl can never have enough bags. As spring approaches, an updated bag for the new season is certainly needed. But staying on top of trends is no easy feat, so the good news is that we’ve done all the hard work for you in our round up of bags we love for spring 2020, as spotted in street style at the recent round of fashion week shows. From 90s shoulder grazers to chain details and bags that are larger than life, you’ll be pleased to know there are no micro bags in sight, meaning that this season you’ll fit more than just your airpods in your bag…

1. Oversized Bags

This year, when it comes to bags at least, bigger is better! Say goodbye to the mini bag and hello to the oversized bag this spring. The oversized bag trend is fashion's reaction to the mini bags that took over our lives last season, and now there’s no more worrying about the fact you can’t fit your phone into your bag, as with the oversized bag you’ll be able to fit everything in – including a new pair of shoes.

2. Cross-body Saddle Bag

Instagram and stars of street style have gone wild for the practical classic that is the cross-body saddle bag. A saddle bag is typically a classic equestrian style with a rounded bottom and top flap that comes over the top of the bag, keeping your belongings safe. The saddle bag is always of a good size, fitting in all your possessions (we know it's mostly clutter) easily.

3. Knot Details

If there’s one thing we’ve seen a lot in street style fashion recently, it’s knot details. This micro trend has developed into a trend in its own right for spring, and you can trust us when we say knot details are set to grow this year. So get ahead of the trends by bagging yourself a knot-detail bag now.

4. Puffy Pouches

If there’s one bag trend that's come out of nowhere and taken hold of the fashion world in the past few months, it’s the Bottega Veneta puffy leather pouch bag. These puffy clutches are one of the coolest bags you can own right now. And good news for you, we have perfect replicas that don’t have a £2000 price tag…

5. Woven Wonders

Although rattan woven details have been around for a few seasons now, there’s a new type of woven bag trend in town. And that is woven leathers.
Woven leather is an easy-to-wear bag trend that comes in all types of shapes and sizes to suit you.

6. Chain Details

Chain details have been a big thing across runways and street style, and we know this trend is only going to get bigger this year. So add a bit of tough love to your wardrobe this spring with a chain-detail bag.

7. Grown Up Straw

It’s inevitable that every spring/summer straw bags will be in fashion - we quite simply can’t get enough of them. But for spring 2020, there’s something that feels different about them - the straw bag has grown up and developed into something that looks much more put together. So do yourself a style favour and invest in a new woven straw bag for spring and beyond.

8. The 90s Shoulder Bag

The trend for 90s nostalgia continues apace with the 90s shoulder bag emerging as a key accessory on the shoulder of girls all over fashion week and your Instagram feed. Inspired by the Fendi Baguette of the 90s, so loved by Carrie Bradshaw and pretty much every celebrity worth their salt in the 90s, the 90s shoulder bag is small but practical and will give every outfit that extra bit of sass.

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