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How to Get That Off Duty Model Look

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

Models make their off-duty style seem so easy, but we all know there is still some hard work that goes into that ‘effortless’ look. Whether they’re running errands, heading to the gym or out with their friends, we’re obsessed with the latest supermodel off-duty style. We’ve created a list of ways to nail that off-duty model look without breaking the bank.

1. Layering is your Best Friend

Dressing for autumn can be difficult when it’s cold in the morning & evening, but warm throughout the day. This is where we take advice from the queen of off-duty style, Kendall Jenner. Through autumn and winter, she always nails layering up. No matter your style, there’s always the perfect way to layer for you. Whether you choose to do it like Kendall with jeans, a hoodie and coat or want a more sophisticated look with a midi skirt, roll neck jumper and aviator coat, layering always looks good. One tip we recommend is to size up on your coats so you can fit all the layers you want underneath.

2. Black isn't Boring

Has black every really been boring? Black is the statement colour of the season and models are walking the streets in it everywhere too. It’s easy to wear and goes with everything – so what’s not to love? If you’re looking for ways to add interest to an all-black outfit, throw on some leather-look pieces for a super sleek look.

3. Always Go with Skinnies

Skinnies are no longer a trend, they are a classic wardrobe staple and key to nailing the off-duty model look. They’re perfect for autumn, protecting your legs from the cold winter chills and keeping the warmth in. Whether you choose to style them up like Gigi with an oversized puffer coat and biker boots, or prefer a more sophisticated look with a long coat and heeled boots, they work for everyone.

4. Keep it Clean and Simple

A key part of the off-duty model look is keeping hair and make up to a total minimum. Getting an extra 10 minutes in bed to not over-do our hair and makeup is a trend I think we can all work with. Achieving the look is easy, all you need is a light brow wand, a little flick of mascara and a tinted lip balm. Then scrape your hair back into a low bun and you’ve nailed the off-duty model make-under look.

5. Sneakers Work with Everything

Thankfully for us, comfort has been a trend that has been ever evolving over the years and trainers are definitely here to stay. Trainers are an off-duty model’s best friend and you can always spot upcoming trainer trends on these girls. Whether you prefer a chunky trainer like Hailey Bieber, or are more into the tennis trainers that have been seen everywhere this year, there’s always a trainer trend to match your style.

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