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With a heatwave set to descend on us later this week (finally!), many of us have already taken to lounging around the house, garden and balcony - pretty much anywhere we can in our swimwear. So, with the temperature soaring this week, there’s no doubt that we’ll be spending more time in our swimwear and that we’ll be seeing everyone doing the same all over Instagram.

So, although holidays in 2020 may be cancelled, summer certainly isn’t cancelled. And it’s time to get on top of the swimwear trends that are set to dominate your Instagram feed this summer and get in on the action. We’ve rounded up the 6 swimwear trends you need to be wearing for this year’s staycations, whether you’re sunbathing in the garden, local park or soaking it up on your balcony, these swimwear styles are sure to keep you on trend whilst you do it.

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