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Webcam Fashion: How To Dress From The Waist Up

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

Working from home, or #WFH as it’s now known on social media, and staying home to video call our friends is a way of life for many of us at the moment. As loungewear takes over our wardrobes, we’ve also developed a lack of care as to what we’re wearing on our bottom half while ensuring we have a nice top for those all-important video calls with.

Right now, video calls on Skype, Zoom and Teams are the only interactions we get with friends, family and colleagues. And lets be honest, as long as you’re wearing a nice top, your jeans (or whatever you’re wearing on your bottom half) simply don’t matter.

So break yourself out of the comforts of your loungewear and start making an effort (with your top half at least) by keeping on top of the trends and adding some reality back into your wardrobe.

Shop 4 waist up outfits we’ve put together below…

1. Add Some Colour

After spending the past week wearing neutrals, add some colour back into your wardrobe with this green daisy square neck top. Although you may be stuck indoors, it is officially spring, so these florals are the perfect way to bring the outside in.

Accessorise with a simple white broderie scrunchie and silver hoop earrings.

2. Keep It Simple

We know that the temptation to throw on your loungewear every morning is real. But getting dressed for conference calls doesn’t need to be difficult.

You can easily roll out of bed and throw on this black peplum blouse with silver hoop earrings and scrape your hair back in a black chain headband. Look well put-together for the conference call even if you did wake up 5 minutes before it…

3. Stay on Top of the Trends

Just because you're #WFH doesn’t mean that your #WFHFits need to be boring and not on trend.

Keep on top of the trends with this black and pink spot blouse and get all the compliments on your next video call. Add some girly flair with a satin pink headband and beaded hoop earrings.

4.Keep it Comfy but Cute

Just because you’re dressing your top half up for video calls doesn’t mean that you need to be in uncomfortable clothing.

Keep it comfy and cute in this white puff sleeve cardigan. Accessorise with a satin padded headband and complement the cardigan's gold details with a pair of gold hoop earrings.

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