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3 Easter Desserts To Bake With The Whole Family

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

Let’s face it – it’s the one question that everyone wants answering by the time 7:30 pm arrives: “What’s for dessert?” Will it be tiramisu tonight? How about a classic fruit crumble? Or, perhaps you’ve got your heart set on a sugar-dusted Swiss roll? The list goes on (and on)…

While you might not have planned what pudding you’re going to enjoy later (just yet), there’s no denying that a sweet treat is exactly what we all need to take our minds off things RN. Plus, with Easter just around the corner, never has there been a better time to turn your attention to some chocolate-themed creations to bake for the big day.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly find or a good ol’ grammable recipe to follow yourself, here are three truly scrumptious dessert ideas to try out this Easter. Dig in!

1. Salted Chocolate Truffle Cookies

From toast toppings to coffee syrups, salted chocolate is a key ingredient in our most-loved treats. Fact. Want to add a touch of its crunchy, creamy magic to something else, too? Requiring little prep time and larder-based basics, here’s how to make salted chocolate truffle cookies.

2. Moist Chocolate Cake

Although we can’t visit our favourite cafés right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a moist chocolate cake, right? Fortunately, Jennifer Pallian (at Foodress) has provided an easy-to-follow recipe so that we can channel that same energy from the comfort of our own home. Take a look…

3. Easy Healthy Homemade Chocolate Popsicles

Love ice-cream? Good. Can’t get enough of a fudge-chocolate combo? Same here. This recipe combines your two favourite flavours, plus, they easy to make and are a natural healthy treat - perfect for the kids. This 4 ingredient recipe is a total winner.

All images courtesy of Unsplash

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