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Iconic Glastonbury Performances You Can Rock Out To In Your Living Room

By Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

With Glastonbury cancelled and what should have been weekend one at Coachella on the approach, we’re all craving a festival more than ever before.

So if you’re anything like us and dreaming of festivals, then you’re in luck as we’ve asked our Glastonbury-going New Lookers to let us know their favourite, most iconic Glastonbury performances from it’s 50 years in the business. So jump up, grab yourself a warm cider, fly your flag and enjoy our compilation of iconic Glastonbury performances to rock out to with the family in the comfort of your living room this Easter weekend.

1. Radiohead, 1997

"A question often asked, can any band play the perfect set? If Radiohead’s Glastonbury 1997 performance is anything to go by then yes, in my eyes a band can play the perfect set. Having just released ‘OK Computer’, arguably their greatest composition to date, the UK pioneers took the album, and all their other classics to the Pyramid Stage for what I would label as the best performance on the hallowed ground. There are few words that can be used to describe how brilliant the late 90s incarnation of Radiohead was, and the pinnacle of this was their Glastonbury set. Luckily there’s a video of their set on YouTube to look back and drool over, and will remain in my ‘most played’ videos for years to come." - Tom Cowley, Communication & Engagement Specialist

2. Kylie Minogue, 2019

"Kylie’s 2019 performance was a real moment for me. The crowd was the biggest I’ve ever seen at the Pyramid stage and you could feel everyone was so excited for Kylie after she was forced to pull out in 2005. I always have an emotional Glastonbury moment and Kylie was it for me, particularly when she sang Especially For You (should I be admitting that?!). There’s a reason this was the most watched Glasto set of all time.." - Laura Crouch, Group PR Manager

3. The Rolling Stones, 2013

"Seeing The Rolling Stones headline the mainstage in 2013 is my most iconic Glastonbury performance. It was truly magical and a once in a lifetime experience. The atmosphere built early as the crowds piled in and then when 100,000 people started singing along it was an incredible moment to be a part of. An absolutely unforgettable experience and definitely my stand out Glastonbury moment." - Stephanie Hover, Buyer

4. Stormzy, 2019

"God there are so many iconic moments to choose from each year!

But last year I would have to say Stormzy was the most iconic. Being in the crowd, you could feel how monumental it was for him and how much he wanted to savour every second on that stage.

His performance was both political and powerful but also incredibly beautiful.

He was the first black British solo artist to headline Glastonbury and it genuinely felt like we were watching history being made in front of us." - Jessie Stevens, Assistant Buyer

5. Dolly Parton, 2014

"There have been so many iconic performances over the 5 years I’ve been to Glastonbury, seeing Adele, Lizzo, Dave, Anderson Paak, Stormzy, Chic, but one that stands out to me is Dolly Parton. I’ve been a fan of hers since I can remember and it was such a special moment on the Sunday at the Pyramid stage with the sun shining and everyone singing along to Islands in the Stream, Jolene and, my personal favourite, Here You Come Again. She didn’t just sing amazingly well, she also told us some great stories about her life – Dolly truly is an icon! 2014 was my first year at Glastonbury and I’ve been hooked ever since!" - Alison Askew, Merchandiser

6. Dave, 2019

"Dave’s performance was definitely one of the most memorable performances from last year’s Glasto for me. I love him as an artist and find him such a humble performer with a great presence on stage. During his performance, Dave called this young guy up to the stage to rap alongside him and, let’s face it, everyone knows who #Alexfromglasto is even if they didn’t go. Before Alex had even started the whole crowd was chanting his name (me included) then the intro of the song came on and suddenly Alex started rapping Dave’s lyrics back at him word for word. The atmosphere went absolutely insane and I’ve never stood in a crowd quite like it. The whole crowd was completely buzzed supporting this 16-year-old boy and it was such a great thing to be part of and I definitely won’t forget it.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about I suggest you YouTube it right now!" - Camerra Gooding, Styling Coordinator

7. David Bowie, 2000

"There have been so many across the years and so many random, wonderful moments that it is hard to choose. David Bowie in 2000 was unforgettable; standing in a crowd of an estimated 130,000 people all singing along to 'Heroes', with the sunset casting a bright orange glow across the sky. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! I should also mention my most special moment - 2005 when my husband and I had our union blessed by a druid called RaySun in the old Tipi Field." - Claire Cook, Customer & Market Insight

8. The Killers, 2019

"When I found out that The Killers were headlining Glastonbury 2019 my thoughts were a little bit ‘meh.’ Having been a fan of them when I was at school, songs like ‘Mr Brightside’ had become one of those songs you rolled your eyes to when everyone screams it at a bar at the end of a night out. I expected them to be average, but they were amazing! Brandon Flowers was such a good performer, the atmosphere was incredible and soon we were singing along to all the songs we’d forgotten we loved. One of the highlights of Glastonbury 2019." - Portia Davies, Assistant Buyer

9. Mark Ronson, Mary J Blige & Grandmaster Flash, 2015

"I have so many Glastonbury moments that choosing one was almost impossible. Kylie is probably my most emotional, but Laura got there before me! Mark Ronson’s set in 2015 is up there as a classic for me – everyone was waiting for Uptown Funk at the end of his set and, as if Grandmaster Flash wasn’t enough, he brought out Mary J Blige to sing it and out we went nuts. She’d been on the Pyramid Stage in the afternoon in the middle of a thunderstorm (in the biggest heels you’ve ever seen no less), but her coming out unannounced in the evening to do that song was a proper ‘goosebumps’ moment for someone who’s been a huge Mary J fan for years." - Steve Cook, Senior Brand Content Manager

10. MGMT, 2008

"I've been going to Glastonbury for over 20 years and it's a wondrous place that takes over my summer and my heart. It's too hard to pick just one highlight!

MGMT on the John Peel stage in 2008 is a special memory. The tent was full and everyone was dancing and smiling, all on the same ecstatic vibe singing their hearts out. We all left singing 'Kids' into the night air.

That's the thing about Glastonbury, the way that you're part of something bigger and all connected through the music." - Anica Wislawski, Senior Head of Fashion

11. The Streets, 2019

"The Streets' headline set at the John Peel stage stands out for me as one to remember from 2019. There were thousands of people spilling outside the tent and the atmosphere was electric! Mike Skinner was on top form, crowd surfacing, popping champagne and even ended with a motivational speech (and some of the classics) ensuring festival goers enjoyed their last night. The whole performance made me really nostalgic and was a great way to see off the hottest Glastonbury weekend on record!" - Elinor Pierce, Ecommerce Discovery Optimisation Manager

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