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The Best On-Screen Food Scenes Ever

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

Whether it’s worn for confidence, expression or simply comfort, lingerie plays an important and powerful role in the way we present ourselves to the world.

A good piece of lingerie is a total confidence booster that has the ability to totally transform the appearance of your body through your clothes.

And although in our current day to day we’re all pretty much living in our non-wired bras and favourite sports bra, there is no doubt over the power of a good piece of lingerie.

Lingerie is responsible for some of Hollywood’s greatest on screen moments, red carpet mishaps and iconic runway moments.

1. Pulp Fiction – Milkshake Break

When you imagine iconic culinary scenes, what immediately comes to mind? Is it Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Julie & Julia, perhaps? Well, this time around, we urge you to think a little more Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction – specifically when Mia (Uma) and Vincent (John Travolta) are in Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant. Here, Mia can be seen enjoying a “five-dollar milkshake” wearing a white shirt, gold accessories and a statement bob. This moment will forever get BIG heart eyes from us.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Croissants & Coffee

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s no secret that Holly Golightly (played by Audrey Hepburn) 100% agrees with this way of thinking - although, probably for more fashion-forward reasons. Featuring shoulder-length gloves, a glittery tiara, tons of jewellery, and a Givenchy LBD, this might just be the best brekkie-ready look we’ve seen to date. A fun fact for fans of the film: in 2017, Tiffany’s flagship store (on Fifth Avenue, NY) opened its very own café. Coffee and croissants, anyone?

3. Eat, Pray, Love – Gelato

Julia Roberts! Gelato! Rome! You may have guessed it already, but we’re into all the aforementioned – so it’s probably no surprise that Eat, Pray, Love made it onto our list. Plus, as most of us have choc and biscuits on rotation at the moment, we thought that it would make total sense to turn your attention to when Elizabeth Gilbert is enjoying a yummy dessert. A few licks into this frozen treat, and she’s already too distracted to ask the nuns next to her for spiritual advice. We feel you, girl.

4. Sex & The City – Cosmopolitans

From bandanas, Balenciaga bags, and bra-and-short sets, you can always count on Carrie Bradshaw to deliver one Insta-perfect look after another. But, aside from her epic style (oh, and her quotable phrases -“He’s just not that into you”), one of the other things that we’ll always associate with B-shaw is cocktails. Cast your mind back to Sex & The City 2, when Carrie’s on the plane to Abu Dhabi, and you’ll understand exactly what we mean. Naturally, you’ll see a bright pink cosmo in one hand as she discusses taking two days off from Mr Big. But, could it turn into taking seven days off…?

5. Lady and the Tramp – Pasta

Whether your relationship status is taken or ‘it’s complicated’, deciding what date-night dish to enjoy with your beau is no easy feat. So, it might come as a shock, then, that these two unlikely Disney characters got it right in this 1955 clip – and they made it into the Most Iconic Kisses Ever book along the way, too. All it took was romantic lighting (with candles), a bowl of pasta (shared) and a whole lotta love (essential).

6. Marie Antoinette – Afternoon Tea

Struggling to eat clean? We say: look away from this scene. Seriously, it's hard to not want to munch on a sweet treat (or go on a spree) after seeing Kirsten Dunst eat cake, try on Manolo Blahnik heels, and sample a range of puffy wigs simultaneously. Afternoon tea and shopping (in stores) might be off the menu, for now, but getting your sugar/shopping fix has never been easier thanks to Marie Antoinette.

7. When Harry Met Sally – The Steak Sandwich

Three words: pastrami on rye. It’s rare to find a movie that can be summarised 30+ years later by just one bread-based snack – but, when it can, you know that it’s something special. Well, When Harry Met Sally is just that movie, and it’s famous for its monster-sized sandwich (courtesy of Deli. Katz's), stylish wardrobe choices, and the main question raised in the plot: can men and women just be friends?

8. Mystic Pizza – The Ultimate Takeaway

Far from cheesy, but still topped with a generous sprinkle of comedy and romance, Mystic Pizza follows the lives of three waitresses from a small town called (you guessed it) Mystic. In this noteworthy scene, featuring a 21-year-old Julia Roberts, the message is loud and clear from the print on her logo tee: pizza is a slice of heaven. Why? Well, without pizza, would things work out so mystically for Kat, Daisy and Jojo? We think not.

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