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We're Feeling Nostalgic, So Here's 30 Iconic Moments From the 90s That We Loved

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

You’ve possibly guessed it already, but we love the 90s - and who can blame us. After all, it was the era that served us cute crop-top-and-popper-trakkie combos (Britney did that), bubblegum-coloured skirt suits (we can’t deal with the cuteness in Clueless), and itsy-bitsy sunglasses (shout out to Mary Kate + Ashley). And, can we just say, this is 100% the type of fashion we’re feeling now.

Well, we’re about to take you on another trip down memory lane in our second nostalgic feature – the first one can be enjoyed right here – and it’s full of fun (but very fundamental) facts about everything we know about the 90s. So, may we suggest that you sit back, lace up your chunky trainers, and spritz yourself with Red Jeans – or White Musk – all over again (…if you haven’t started doing so already). Here are 30 smash-hit moments of the 90s.

1. 1990, Kate Moss's Rise to Fame

Before she was Kate the supermodel, she was Kate from Croydon returning from a family holiday in the Bahamas. Yup, at just 14-years-old, Kate was scouted by Storm Model Management when returning home from a trip – then, the rest is history.

2. 1990, Princess Diana Becomes a Style Icon

It’s safe to say that Princess Di ruled 90s dressing. Stone earrings and a cute blazer for a Bryan Adams concert? She did that. A Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt, Dior handbag and ‘Dad’ trainers to casually run errands? Yup, she did that, too.

3. 1990, Supermodels

The best thing about 90s fashion (aside from the clothes + accessories), would have to be the supermodels and, more specifically, The Big Six. We’re referring to Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, and Christy Turlington. Was it even a catwalk show without them? Probably not.

4. 1990, The Olsen Twins

It’s true - Mary Kate and Ashley are celebrated for their fashion looks today, but have you seen their 90s wardrobes, though? Can’t even. Think layers of chokers, Sketchers, cute coloured sunglasses and so much more to love.

5. 1990, Kurt Cobain

So, you want to be a 90s gal? Well, you’ll have to get to know Kurt Cobain (if you’re not familiar already). First and foremost, Kurt Cobain rocked a jaw-grazing haircut, ripped jeans and oversized tees throughout the early 90s - and we’re 100% down with this look now.

6. 1990, NOW Music

32 songs. 2 sides. 1 album. Now, that’s what we call music. Packed with hits all our favourite bands (TLC, B*Witched, En Vogue, and all the tracks you could possibly want to listen to), it’s no wonder that NOW was named the biggest selling compilation album in the world.

7. 1990, Julia Roberts Takes Over Our Screens & Becomes a Style Icon

Nothing says “ 90s style” quite like Julia Roberts. From cycling shorts to blazers and mom jeans —you name it, she’s worn the trend. Tip: if you want to try some Julia-inspired fashion yourself, don’t forget to add an oversized shirt.

8. 1990, Boy Bands

Think back to 90s music. Apart from bands like Steps, Hanson and S Club 7, most of our favourite bands were pretty much boy-only bands or girl groups. Our highlights? *NSYNC, Take That, The Backstreet Boys and B2K. *Instantly fangirls out all over again*

9. 1990, Nickelodeon

Question: the perfect way to pass time in the 90s? Answer: to binge-watch Kenan & Kel, Clarissa or Are You Afraid Of The Dark, of course. After all, Nickelodeon was home to the best of 90s TV.

10. 1991, Bucket Hats & Bumbags Take Over Our Wardrobes

In the 90s, the size of your accessories mattered. From cute bum bags to small baguette bags, micro sunglasses to barely-there butterfly clips, this decade was all about shrinking the size of your bag and downsizing the ‘little extras’. Let’s just say, less is defo more.

11. 1995, Oasis vs Blur

1991 was an important year for British rock bands. You’ve got Blur releasing their studio album titled Leisure, plus the Manchester-based band Oasis forming and putting out their banger ‘Alice’. Which band was your favourite, tho? That’s something for you and the gals to debate.

12. 1992, Ab Fab

Another moment that will be forever associated with the 90s: Ab Fab. Complete with tracksuits, Christian LaCroix looks, colourful two-piece suits and cameos from A-list celebrities (think Emma Bunton, Twiggy and more), we will forever applaud you Edie + Patsy, darling.

13. 1992, Tummy-Baring Tops

If you’re taking your waist-up wardrobe seriously right now (we are!), you’ll love this: midriff-baring tops had a big fashion moment in the 90s. Who started the trend? Our girl Julia Roberts, allegedly.

14. 1992, The Word 'NOT' Ended Off All Of Our Sentences

As well as saying things like “Gladiators, ready!” (in our best John Anderson voice) and “Like” (a lot), we spent much time in the 90s finishing our sentences with “Not”. The modern-day equivalent would probably have to be: “just playing”. Don’t even ask.

15. 1992, The Big Breakfast

The Big Breakfast show is a 90s necessity. Presented by Chris Evans (from 1992 to 1994), Gaby Roslin (1992 to 1996) and Zoe Ball (in 1996), it covered a range of light and entertaining topics each weekday morning. Anything went, really, didn’t it?

16. 1993, Girl Bands

When we weren’t trying to decide whether we were Carrie Bradshaw or Charlotte York, we were trying to select what girl group we would like to be part of. Was it Destiny’s Child? Atomic Kitten? Perhaps, All Saints? Whatever group we picked, there’s no denying that girl bands were always in the spotlight.

17. 1993, The Macarena

If you don’t know the dance routine – what happened? Don’t stress, though, there are over 13,800,000 videos to help you out today. P.S. If you really want to channel the 90’s, look at the original dance video. So. Good.

18. 1993, The Mickey Mouse Club

When we weren’t surfing between Nickelodeon and MTV, we were watching the ‘Mouseketeers’ in The Mickey Mouse Club entertain us with lip syncs and dance routines. The celebrities that became famous from the show: Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and X-tina. Impressive.

19. 1994, Liz Hurley's Safety Pin Dress

100s of oversized gold safety pins. 1 Versace dress. Endless amounts of fashion. It’s 1994, and there’s only one thing that we could possibly be referring to: Liz Hurley’s iconic look at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

20. 1994, Friends

Friends embodies the 90s: it gave us so many fashion lessons that are even relevant today. Firstly, we had Rachel Green (think spaghetti-strap tops paired with light-wash denim looks). Then, there was Monica Geller and all her maxi- dress-and-choker pairings. Enough said.

21. 1994, The Spice Girls

There are some memories that we’d rather forget from the 90s – but the Spice Girls isn’t one of those things. That’s right, they gave us Union Jack dresses, unforgettable songs, and the permission to use ‘zig-a-zig-ah’ and peace signs 24/7. Don’t forget, they even supplied us with Spice World the movie, too.

22. 1994, Slip Dresses

Featuring lace trims, satin fabrics and a slightly longer length, the 90s slip dress is perhaps the easiest piece to borrow from this decade. Bonus: it was worn by the likes of Kate Moss, Courtney Love + Cameron Diaz.

23. 1994, Super Couples

Whether it was the Beckhams, Gwyneth and Brad, or Johnny Depp + Kate Moss/ Winona Ryder/ Vanessa Paradis…the 90s were, hands down, known for iconic celebrity power couples. Plus, if you were wondering when ‘twinning’ with your beloved beau became a thing, we’re pretty sure it started in the 90s.

24. 1995, Clueless

It’s fashion, fun, and full of so many quotes, like: "Ugh, as if!", “Whatever” and “I am totally buggin’.” To top it off, did you know that the plot of Clueless, the 1995-released flick, was actually inspired by Jane Austen’s novel Emma? Fact.

25. 1996, The Tamagotchi Craze

Tamagotchis = the Nineties. If you didn’t own a cute, handheld digital pet - and fail to keep it alive for more than 2 days straight (remembering to feed + water it was an impossible feat) - could you even call yourself a kid of the 90s? Nope.

26. 1996, Cool Britannia

Creativity was raw, fashion was incredibly daring, and catwalk shows could be disrupted by literally anything imaginable (cars catching fire, Kate Moss in “bumster” jeans or Naomi Campbell wobbling in 9-inch Westwood platforms). Britain was THE place to be in the 90s, and thus came the phrase ‘cool Britannia’.

27. 1998, Titanic

We just want to go back, back to 1998: it's the year that the mega-blockbuster Titanic was first released. However, it was only four years ago that Kate Winslet admitted that there was space on the floating door for two, after all. *Gasp*

28. 1998, Britney Spears

There are so many outfits to pick from when Britney Spears is involved. But, none are as noteworthy as her 90s looks. She tried head-to-toe white, Buffalos and even latex crop tops (complete with cargo trousers).

29. 1998, Sex and the City

If you’re anything like us, you probably fell for the show’s fabulousness and Manolo Blahnik-ness after seeing the opening (Carrie twirling around New York that iconic pink tutu). Who would have guessed that, 22 years later, we’d still be as inspired and obsessed with it as we are today?

30. 1998, Parent Trap

Seriously, it's hard to not want a secret identical who would pierce your ears and dress like you after seeing The Parent Trap. Well, this is what happened to Hallie and Annie, and it’s fair to say that this was our favourite 90s movie. Long live Li-Lo.

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