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10 T-Shirts to Make You Smile This January

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

Mid-January is on the approach and it’s hard to think of anything to smile about right now. We’re all strapped for cash, wanting to give up on Dry Jan and can’t wait for spring to kick in and get away from the blustery wind.

But, it’s not all bad. The evenings are getting lighter and there’s only 86 days until the next Bank Holiday. And in order to keep the positive vibes going, it’s our mission to inject some positivi-tee into your life today with our selection of positive tees guaranteed to make you smile.

All our slogan T-shirts are part of New Look Kind, pieces that are responsibly sourced and friendlier to the planet. So not only are you being kind to yourself by wearing one this January, but to the planet too.

1. Sunshine & Happy Days T-Shirt, £5.99

This tee is sure to bring some happiness to your day (and hopefully some sunshine) and as part of our Style For Less range, it has a price point of £5.99… You can’t go wrong.

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2. Good Things Are Coming T-Shirt, £7.99

Add a pop of colour to your outfit to cheer up this January. And keep in mind that Good Things Are Coming - 2020 is your year.

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3. Ray of Sunshine T-Shirt, £7.99

Be the radiant ray of sunshine everyone needs to keep them cheerful on any glum Monday in January in this positive yellow tee.

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4. Black Positive Paragraph T-Shirt, £7.99

You shouldn’t need reminding to take care of yourself this year, but just in case, it’s there as a reminder on your chest in this T-shirt.

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5. White Positive Paragraph T-Shirt, £7.99

Bring the power of positivity to your outfit in this positive paragraph tee.

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6. Happiness Slogan T-Shirt, £9.99

Wear this T-shirt as a reminder to yourself that happiness comes from within.

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7. Positive Energy Slogan T-Shirt, £7.99

Channel positive vibes only in this slogan T-shirt.

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8. It’s Nice to Be Nice Slogan T-Shirt, £8.99

Be the person that spreads meaningful messages this January in this Nice to Be Nice slogan tee.

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9. Dream Big Slogan T-Shirt, £7.99

A reminder to dream big and stay focused on yourself this year.

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10. Be Nice Black Slogan T-Shirt, £9.99

Be nice to yourself and the planet in this slogan tee that is responsibly sourced and friendlier to the planet.

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