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New Arrivals

Watch: Rochelle's Blazer Style Hacks

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

Here to make sure that you (and your wardrobe) stay one step ahead of the rest, our brand ambassador and TV presenter’s exclusive style hacks.

This time around, the star introduces us to come clever fashion tricks that we can use for one must-have piece from her handpicked edit: the tailored blazer. No longer saved for the office, fashion says that we’ll start to see the classic blazer and two-piece suit shake off their back-to-work associations, and make their way into your going out and everyday wardrobes, too. But, how exactly? Well, according to Rochelle, we should have a spot-print mini-bag on standby, introduce new neutral tones, and perfect the art of ‘shrobing’. In other words, draping or slinging the blazer jacket over our shoulders (it's how the fashion crowd are currently wearing it).

For other ways to style the blazer, press play and get all kinds of inspiration.

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