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New Arrivals

Water-Saving Fashion We Love

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

Readers, do any of you agree with us when we say that World Water Day, celebrated on 22 March, sneaks up on us extremely quickly every single time, without fail? For the past few weeks, our calendars have been jam-packed with exciting plans for (a) Valentine’s Day – aka the most romantic day to date, (b) the carb-heavy high-calorie Shrove Tuesday, and (c) the fiercely empowering International Women’s Day. But then, all of a sudden, five days after St Patrick’s Day rolls out, we gear up to welcome the second greenest day of the entire year all over again: WWD.

Right now, you’re probs wondering what you can do to mark this super-important, but sometimes overlooked, day. Will you be trying out the Water Walk Bucket Challenge (disclaimer: it’s nothing like the viral Ice Bucket Challenge)? Or, perhaps you’ve got your heart set on something a little easier and more achievable (balancing a 5-gallon bucket of water on your head isn't really your forte)? Though, whoever you are, wherever you are, you could simply aim to reduce the amount of water that you, and your loved ones, use within 24-hours. We can all 100% manage that, right?

Regardless of what you decide to do this year, when it comes to World Water Day, one of the most common questions asked is: what fashion uses less water and doesn’t compromise on style?… Still baffled on how to answer this? Don’t stress, we have you covered. Whether it’s a puff-sleeve dress, a printed tee, or a pearl-detail top, here are some of our favourite water-saving styles this season, and they’re all part of our Kind range. Dive in…

1. Green Ditsy Floral Button Front Top - £17.99

In case you didn't know, this romantic puff-sleeve top is trending, and it’s part of our Kind range, too. To finish, just add mom jeans and heels

2. Black Short Sleeve Smock Midi Dress - £17.99

Possibly the best thing about the spring is the excuse to wear floaty and tiered dresses, 24/7 – especially ones that use less water (just like this one).

3. Pale Pink Crew Neck Button Up Cardigan - £9.99

Sugary shades are key for the new season. Introduce yourself to the trend with this pastel button-up cardigan.

4. Pink Daisy Print Flutter Sleeve Mini Dress - £25.99

Detail sleeves. Check. Ditsy print. Check. This mini dress is ticking every style box for spring and summer 2020 (and beyond).

5. White Broderie Puff Sleeve Shirred Top - £12.99

The puffy volume sleeve – as seen on all of our favourite tops – is having a huge revival. Fashion says: the bigger the better.

6. Curves Pale Blue Daisy Bloom Slogan T-Shirt - £9.99

Nothing channels spring quite like a daisy-print tee. Plus, the sky-blue shade means that it will be a wardrobe go-to come summer.

7. Black Washed Waist Enhance Slim Tori Mom Jeans - £25.99

Cinching the waist and tapered at the leg (it’s looser around the knee and tighter at the ankle), every must-have look starts with the waist-enhance jean.

8. White NASA Save The Planet Slogan T-Shirt - £12.99

Want to spread a planet-friendly message with a slogan T-shirt? Here’s the style that’s saying it the loudest by far…

9. Stone Belted Lightweight Jacket - £29.99

The solution to all your in-between-weather fashion dilemmas? A lightweight utility jacket. Come rain or shine, it will see you through (literally) every plan.

10. Mink Faux Pearl Trim Boxy T-Shirt - £9.99

Featuring statement pearl details and soft neutral shades, this is the wardrobe update that’s answering your ‘I have nothing easy to wear’ worries. Tuck it into high-waist jeans.

11. Off White Cropped Denim Jacket - £27.99

Denim jackets have had a small tweak for the new season. Button up and look to a white, cropped version for a fresh spring update.

12. Blue Denim Puff Sleeve Smock Dress - £22.99

You’re excited to wear your summer mini dress but the weather doesn’t permit? Same. The solution: partner it with sheer tights and trainers or boots.

13. Black Ditsy Floral Square Neck Top - £17.99

Micro florals are set to make a big comeback for the warmer months. Discover puff-sleeve tops with itsy, bitsy, ditsy prints.

14. editorial-na-wk51-water-saving-fashion-grid-14

This LBB (little black bag) is a quick lesson in editing. Roomy enough to carry your phone, keys and purse, it’s perfect to wear when having cocktails (at home) with the girls.

15. Black Denim Belted Jumpsuit - £19.99

Think of this as your new favourite piece. Why? Well, the tapered shape will lengthen your legs, while the belt will cinch your waist. Perfection.

16. Black Daisy Embroidered Boxy T-Shirt - £9.99

With spring underway, it’s no surprise that daisies are in the spotlight. You can wear this tee with jeans now and with a midi to nail a summer-ready look.

17. Curves Khaki Self Love Slogan T-Shirt - £12.99

Yes, this top does have it all… Ruffle trims, embroidery, a positive slogan, and a neutral colourway. Trust us: it’s anything but ordinary.

18. Petite Brown Leopard Print Tie Front Shirt - £15.99

If ever there was a time to *not* change your spots, it’s now. Leopard prints are reigning supreme in our wardrobes for the foreseeable.

19. Light Brown One Of A Kind Slogan T-Shirt - £8.99

We can’t think of a better (and more effective) way to channel positivity than with this embroidered slogan tee. That’s a fact.

20. Black Nylon Rectangle Bum Bag - £9.99

Sling it (over your shoulders), style it (cross-body), or let it sit (on your hips), however you decide to wear a bum bag, it will always give your look style points.

11. Off White Cropped Denim Jacket - £27.99

Denim jackets have had a small tweak for the new season. Button up and look to a white, cropped version for a fresh spring update.

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