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New Arrivals

Why We're Loving Florals Right Now

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

It does of course come as no surprise that we’re loving florals for this spring, when are we not? The best thing about florals right now is that they’re perfect for bringing a little bit of the outside in. When you’re stuck indoors, the best way to feel spring-like is to throw on a floral print. Another reason our favourite bold floral print is great for now is that it comes as a mini tea dress and a top. So if you buy one and your friend buys another, you can do virtual twinning on your video call catch ups. Either that or you can buy them both for yourself.

The floral peplum tea blouse is the perfect top you’ve been looking for to update your jeans and a nice top combos this spring. And the floral tea dress is the ultimate dress to have in your wardrobe ready to wear to all those occasions you’re dreaming of going to one day again soon.

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