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Ways to Wear

The Colours To Wear To Boost Your Mood This Spring

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

Anything that boosts our moods right now can only be a good thing and what better way to add some sunshine to your life than by adding some fun and colour to your wardrobe?

From top-to-toe colour block outfits to pretty pastels, there’s a whole palette of new and exciting colours and colour combinations emerging right now that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.. So in order to boost your mood this spring, we’ve rounded up the colours you might want to think about wearing.

1. Pastels

If you’re at home trying your best not to eat all things sugary, then why not cure your sweet tooth by incorporating pastels into your wardrobe? Pastel shades this season have got a whole lot sweeter - we quite literally feel like kids in a candy shop oozing at all the beautiful colours.

Almost every pastel shade is on trend this season - from baby blue to pretty pinks, pale yellows and mint greens. Add colour to your outfit by choosing one pastel or take on this season's biggest trend by mixing and matching your pastel shades. However you choose to wear them, it’s sure to boost your mood.

2. Pink and Orange

Pink and Orange is the colour combination we couldn’t get enough of on the runways and in street style this season. If you feel like you’ve seen this colour mix somewhere before, then you’re not wrong. It was the go-to colour combination of the early 00s – how can we forget those pink and orange Juicy Couture tracksuits?

But fear not, as orange and pink has had a very sophisticated update this season. The bold colours take a more formal approach - think less tracksuits and more tailoring.

If this is a colour combination that scares you slightly – then take this extra time at home to experiment and become comfortable wearing this boldly beautiful colour combination before you wear it with confidence for your first night out post-Lockdown.

3. Blue and White

Slightly less scary than a bold pink and orange but equally as beautiful, blue and white is the laidback colour combination to wear to boost your mood this season. Pairing blue and white together instantly gives off a summer vibe… and it couldn’t be any easier to wear.

Simply pair a blue and white striped shirt with white jeans, or, on warmer days, opt for beach vibes by wearing our blue and white striped shirt as a jacket over a white tee and shorts. There’s no denying that wearing blue and white together has the ability to totally uplift your mood, thanks to its undeniable links to the beach and summer.

4. Shades of Green

If there’s one colour you certainly need to have in your wardrobe this season, it’s green. From sustainability and climate change, Jennifer Lopez’s leafy green Versace dress and Billie Eilish’s neon green roots, there’s a number of influences that have made green the IT colour this season.

The street style scene also can’t get enough of it, making the varying shades of green hard to get away from this season. From pops of neon to pistachio ice cream hues, there is a shade of green out there for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Boost your mood by finding your perfect shade of green now.

5. Yellow and Neutrals

A pop of yellow in your outfit is sure to boost your mood right? Thanks to its resemblance to the sun, yellow is the colour of happiness so whether the sun is shining or not you can easily boost spirits with a bit of yellow in your outfit. This season's yellow looks great worn with neutral colours - think creams, white and brown for a super easy and wearable look that’s sure to make a colourful, sunny impact.

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