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13 Reasons Why Hailey Bieber Is Our Loungewear Muse

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

It has to be said, nobody nails loungewear chic quite like Hailey Bieber does. Although she may be part of the supermodel elite and often seen strutting the runway and on the red carpet in glamorous ensembles, her off-duty style has single-handedly brought 'two mile fashion' (wearing loungewear to run your local errands) to the masses.

Known for her 90s-inspired looks and almost always styled up with her signature square sunglasses, gold hoop earrings and low slicked back bun, she is the epitome of the cool girl we’ve always wanted to be.

So we’ve rounded up 13 reasons why Hailey Bieber is our loungewear muse.

1. She Always Nails Tonal Dressing

If there’s anything Hailey nails effortlessly more than anything else, it’s tonal dressing. We’ll now be wearing all the beige pieces we own for our next trip to the shops.

2. She's The Queen of Cycling Shorts

Nobody styles up and wears cycling shorts quite as well as Hailey does. Much like her black square sunnies and gold hoop earrings, they’re now a part of her signature style.

3. Nobody Does Oversized Clothing Quite as Well as Hailey Does

If there’s one thing that can be noted about Hailey's style, it’s that she’s often wearing clothing that’s clearly way too big for her but manages to pull it off effortlessly. Although we’ve ditched our coats for the time being, we’ll definitely be styling our new loungewear pieces with oversized coats come autumn.

4. She Mixes Tailoring and Loungewear Perfectly

If you’re sat wondering what to do with all the loungewear you’ve bought yourself once you go back to work, then take inspiration from Hailey. Hoodies can be versatile pieces and easily worn underneath a suit, as Hailey shows.

5. We Even Want To Copy Her Gym Style

Very rarely do we ever sit and think we want to copy someone’s gym style, but Hailey’s we certainly do. Cycling shorts and a crop top are key pieces to her workout style and she often styles them up with an oversized jacket. Her gold hoop earrings are also always a prominent feature – does she ever take them off?

6. She's Almost Always Carrying an Oversized Bag

Hailey is clearly a girl after our own hearts with a bag jam-packed full with stuff, so she’s always carrying a bag big enough to fit everything she needs into it.

7. Because We Want To Copy This Knitted Loungewear Set So Badly

As far as iconic outfits go, this is certainly one of Hailey’s. It oozes comfort but also street style chic and we’ve simply never wanted to copy an outfit so badly.

8. We Want Her Vintage T-Shirt Collection

If there’s one thing Hailey’s definitely not short on, it’s vintage t-shirts. Whether she’s styled them with joggers, jeans or wearing them as a dress she always pulls them off, and it’s safe to say we wouldn’t mind borrowing a few of them.

9. She's Often Raiding Justin's Wardrobe

Since marrying Justin Bieber, Hailey has often been pictured wearing oversized clothing that looks very similar to pieces Justin often wears. So we can only assume she’s raiding his wardrobe too. So ladies, for that cool girl loungewear aesthetic it’s time to share your partner's wardrobe.

10. She Showed Us That a Bumbag Instantly Makes an Outfit Look Cooler

Hailey’s style isn’t always predictable. A cream satin co-ord set isn’t something we'd picture her wearing, but with the right accessories she instantly makes it work. Adding an oversized bumbag instantly makes the outfit cooler, along with her trademark trainers, square sunnies and gold hoop earrings.

11. No One Pulls Off Oversized T-Shirt Dresses Quite Like Hailey Does

Possibly stolen from her husband's wardrobe again, but oversized t-shirt dresses are a signature piece in Hailey's style. She often wears them with trainers for off-duty, but has been known to dress them up with a blazer and heels too.

12. She Even Makes Jeans Look Comfy

We might not have worn our jeans for several weeks because they’re just not comfortable enough, but Hailey shows us jeans can be comfy too. By opting for a super oversized and baggy fit, she pairs hers with a knitted cardigan and trainers – a style we might now adopt into our stay-at-home looks.

13. She Makes Loungewear Look Office Appropriate

If you were thinking that all the knitted loungewear pieces would go to waste once you head back to work, then think again. As Hailey shows us that by instantly adding some slip-on mules and an oversized bag, loungewear is instantly perfect to wear to the office.

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