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Princess Diana’s Iconic Workout Looks We Love

by Emma Menteath, Editorial Lead

Ever wondered what the story was behind Princess Diana’s iconic workout looks?

It turns out that Princess Diana was gifted a navy Virgin Atlantic sweater by Sir Richard Branson who happened to be friends with the royal family. It featured the iconic flying lady, with the tagline ‘Fly Atlantic’. She hoped that by wearing the sweater during her many gym visits, the paparazzi would soon tire of hanging out in trees or on stepladders to capture her leaving the gym. She used to question her trainer, Jenni Rivett, about it “why are they so interested in me when there are more important things to worry about in the world.”

The navy Virgin Atlantic sweater eventually became one of Princess Diana’s most iconic worn items and years later was auctioned off and sold for $53,000. (The auction house originally estimated that the sweater would sell for $5000.)

23 years after Princess Diana’s death we still continue to honour her sense of style – from a Vogue Paris editorial featuring Hailey Bieber in cycling shorts and oversized sweaters to Off-White’s S/S 2018 collection which directly referenced a number of Princess Diana’s iconic looks, with models wearing everything from cycling shorts to oversized blazers.

If there ever was a time to embrace Princess Diana’s winning workout combo now would be that time. An effortless WFH look that can take you straight from your desk to your afternoon workout session or local shop run. Sunglasses and dad trainers are optional.


Princess Diana at the Harbour Club, 1994


Princess Diana at the Harbour Club, 1996


Princess Diana at the Harbour Club, 1996


Princess Diana at the Harbour Club, 1996


Princess Diana at the Harbour Club, 1997

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