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The 2020 Way to Wear Biker Boots

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

One word: boots. How many pairs do you currently have to your name? There are possibly a few stacked somewhere in your winter wardrobe, right? But, imagine that you don’t take your beloved walking boots (the same ones that you dust off and slip into every time a hiking holiday comes about) or the pair that you count on to kick-start your festival look, into consideration. We bet that the answer to our first question is likely to be none – or, perhaps, at most, one. It’s strange, because, boots aren’t a new addition to women’s wardrobes by any means. In the eighteenth century, we first started to see them work their way into women’s fashion - mainly for riding, driving and other practical purposes. Yet, fast forward almost 300 years, and it’s this very item that seems to be splitting public opinion - we can’t even begin to count the number of women we’ve heard admit, ‘I wouldn’t consider wearing boots.’ Maybe you think that they’re not a particularly attractive piece of footwear. Or, perhaps you (literally) don’t know what style to invest in - or what to wear them with. In our opinion, boots are the best update to be adding to your wardrobe now. Why? Well, they’re one of the solutions to all your in-between-weather fashion dilemmas, plus, they’re perfect for when the summer festival season rolls out again (preparing your wardrobe early is what we do best).

But, right now, one of our favourite styles is the biker boot. It features an ankle-length height, stud embellishments, a chunky sole, moulded tread, and, well, our list goes on and on. You might already be familiar with them, though, they’re the ones that have been spotted on every catwalk and celebrity this season. New Look alone has 42 versions available online. Plus, the biker boot is set to gain even more momentum over the coming months. Let us explain… E-commerce sites are seeing the demand for boots soar as the temperatures continue to dip – they amount to nearly 20 per cent of shoe sales online. They’re even popular on the ’gram, too: there are approximately 47 hashtags and over 15.89 million boot-related posts on our feeds to date. So, it really is time to forget what you think you know about biker boots, and invest in a new pair today.

We understand that finding the right biker boots isn’t an easy feat. But, where to begin? Think about your style and where you’ll be wearing them. In this feature, we’ve done the legwork for you by writing some tips to help you do just the above (your feet will thank you). So, let’s start with the all-time classic biker boot: it sits a few inches below the knee – it’s much higher than the pairs we know and love today. With a small heel, wider collared opening, and a single buckled detail across the front, it looks best with a printed mini dress and a biker jacket. Then, there’s the chunky-heeled version. You’ll possibly recognise its mid-height block heel, lace-up front, and standout shades (we’re seeing it arrive in cherry-red and tan). The best part is that this pair can be paired with pretty much everything you own, whether it’s balloon jeans or leather-look trousers. Lastly, there’s the studded biker boot. Thanks to their buckles, shiny fashion details and ankle-height design, they’ve fast become a fashion favourite. We say: stick to neutral tones on the bottom and try a simple white T-shirt on the top.

Now, to show you what we mean, we look to our favourite A-listers for a little more inspiration. Trends spotted and obsessions multiplied, here are some of the biker boot looks that we’ve seen so far. The streets are a catwalk...

1. Caroline Daur

If ever there was a time to try mid-rise biker boots, it's now. Caroline Daur shows us how to wear them when the warmer days arrive: with a broderie midi dress. As obsessed as we are?

2. Hailey Bieber

Weird March dressing just got simple. Transition your style into early spring with the help of Hailey Beiber, and these three wardrobe updates: lace-up ankle boots, an oversized denim shacket and a floral-print dress.

3. Stella Maxwell

‘Basics’ don’t ever have to be boring. Stella Maxwell demonstrates that you can’t go wrong with a classic white T-shirt, leather-look trousers and a pair of biker boots (embellished, of course).

4. Lizzo

Take the lead from Lizzo and refresh your lace-up biker boots with star-shaped studs. P.S. For maximum impact, wear with a check-print puffer jacket, a two-tone dress and (tones of) gold jewellery. 10/10.

5. Kaia Gerber

Meet the boots you’ll be wearing from here until summer (and beyond). The trick? Choose a pair with a comfortable heel, a moulded tread, and eyelet details - they work for any time of the year. The even better news? They go perfectly with our favourite ditsy-print dresses, too.

6. Shanina Shaik

Another all-rounder that's going to stay relevant for months to come: the platform biker boot. Pair them with tiny specs (think Matrix-style), a floral mini dress and a mini messenger bag to wave goodbye to winter.

7. Irina Shayk

You heard it here first. Last season, we saw celebrities adopt a new trend: tying their laces over their trouser hems (thanks, Katie Holmes). This time around, however, we’re seeing laces being wrapped and fastened in a totally different way – around the cuff of biker boot.

8. Gigi Hadid

The most romantic day of the year may have passed- but that never stopped us from wearing romantic shades of red and biker boots with heart-shaped zippers beyond Valentine’s Day, fact. Throw an XXS bag and cat-eye sunglasses into the mix for easy spring style.

9. Ashley Roberts

It’s true: there’s a dynamic duo on the scene that will never go out of fashion: biker jackets and boots. When worn together, they’re the power couple taking our style through the months ahead. Add a splash of colour to your accessories and dress to break things up.

10. Kaia Gerber

The fashion army is still out in full force. Camo prints, boots with bungee cord laces, new neutral shades and multi-pocket jackets… We’re all marching to this new look debuted by Kaia Gerber.

11. Ciara

Celebrities are yet to give up on their love for wearing denim-on-denim looks. In lighter washes, ankle-grazing fits, and with updated fashion details, the newest jeans are (like most things in fashion) best when worn with biker boots.

12. Hailey Bieber

The Matrix called and they want their leather-look jacket and front-zip boots back. Here, Hailey Bieber styled hers with mom jeans, a roll-neck jumper, and hoop earrings (the bigger the hoop, the bigger the…style impact!).

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