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We’re Better Together – Here’s Why New Lookers Love Our New Charity T-Shirts

by Emma Menteath, Editorial Lead

You may have already seen our latest hot-on-the-block logo tees while scrolling through social media, but if you haven’t we’d love to introduce you to our new range of We’re Better Together Charity T-shirts.

We started with a clap, then came the 5km run, and now we want to find a new way to say thank you to our community and the NHS for all the amazing and hard work they’re putting in. 100% of the profits from our We’re Better Together range will be donated to NHS Charities Together and New Look Gives charities.

Say thanks, be grateful and let’s stay positive in our new range of charity T-shirts. Because in the end, we’re better together.

Georgina Fox - Senior Brand and Marketing Manager

"I'm proud to work for a business that recognises the importance of supporting our community - plus they're super cute!" - @georginaffox

Priya Odedra - Social Media Manager

"Love this little cute tee! Especially as its supporting our NHS and the amazing front line workers for everything that they are doing. Our heroes!" - @priya.odedra

Emma Menteath - Editorial Lead

“It’s in moments like these that I am incredibly proud to work for a company that can recognise the efforts of our community and the NHS. And so, when I wake up in the morning, throw on my grateful tee, I smile at myself in the mirror and think to myself how beautiful it is that the country has come together to support each other during such a historical moment in time.” - @emmajanementeath

Satish Mistry - New Look Shopper

"A simple black tee goes with everything and it’s for such a great cause, giving back to our amazing frontline workers, thank you to everyone working hard for the NHS." - @satishhh92

Lou Whitehead - Digital Design Manager

"I wear this t-shirt with pride to show my appreciation for all the hard work currently being carried out by the front line workers and charities around the world to keep us safe." - @lou_whitehead

Esme Greenham - New Look Shopper

"I love this tee and it’s nice to be able to show our thanks to all the people who are risking their lives for us" - @esme.greenham

Chloe & Gracie Wilshere - Content Creator & New Look Shopper

"Myself and Gracie love these tee’s. Not only is it great that we now have (almost) matching tees, but it’s a great way to show our appreciation for all the help healthcare workers have provided us with throughout our lives and a big thank you for all the hardworking they’re currently doing during these uncertain times. We are beyond grateful, thank you!" - @chloewilshere

Jo Sibbett - CRM Campaign Assistant

"With all profits going to charity, it was great to be a part of the charity Tee Project as a way of saying thanks to all our amazing healthcare workers. In uncertain times, it felt very important to bring our community and team closer to reinforce our ‘We are better together’ message." - @jk.sibbett

Dom Becker & Peter Houston - Fashion Merchandiser & New Look Shopper

"For me, these tee’s are a way of saying so much, when at the moment, it’s hard to show appreciation to those you’re so thankful for! What better way to raise money for such a fantastic cause, that we should be very grateful that exists!" - @dbecker89 @peter_houston

Lila Greenham - New Look Shopper

"I’m happy and proud to wear the tee. The NHS are working really hard and it’s good for us to support them." - @lilagreenham

Cammi Gooding - Styling Co-Ordinator

"I think these T-shirts are a fabulous way for everyone to show their appreciation for the amazing work the NHS and all other key workers continue to do. Living near a hospital myself, it’s lovely to wear this out on my food shop or daily walk as I often pass NHS staff on the way to their shifts." - @cammigooding_

Josh Clark-Ward - New Look Shopper

"I now have something to wear for the Thursday Clap and love how repesentative these tee's are." - @joshclarkward

Zoe Burton - CRM Campaign Assistant

"I absolutely loved being a part of the New Look Charity Tee shoot! I especially loved this tee as it projects positivity and hope in this difficult and trying time. We’ll meet again…" - @zoe_burton

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